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ATS Genset Power Panel - AMF

Panel Genset AMF - ATS (Automatic start and stop Genset).
Functions Of A.M.F (Automatic Main Failure) is:
In Automatic Turning (Start) Genset
when the supply of electricity from PLN Fail / Off
while the function of the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is
Automatic Opening the power suply of generator
and closing suply of electricity
and vice versa
open suply of electricity and power suply Closing of
Automatic when the genset is Supay of electricity back
. Some of the information we need from the consumer is:
1. How Power / Generator Capacity (KVA) and how phase (1 or 3 phase)?
2. PLN's installed (KVA) and how phase (1 or 3 phase)?

Panel Listrik WLC ( Water Level Control )

Panel Listrik WLC ( Water Level Control )

The function of the pump panel WLC is:
- To transfer water from the well / reservoir to the water tank

way of working:
filling water from the well / reservoir to the tank (water reservoirs) are automatically
• pump motor life, automatically to fill the tank (where the water Shelter)
   when the water in the tanks (water reservoirs) discharged
• pump motor will automatically shut down to stop filling the tank (water reservoirs)
   when a water-filled into the tank / water reservoirs full
• pump motor does not work / turn off automatically when the water well / reservoir depleted,
• pump motors will run / turn on automatically when the water well / reservoir filled
By doing so,
Motor Pump not working continuously
So there is no excessive heat / fire pump engine

Electrical Panel Capacitor Bank

Panel Listrik Capacitor Bank


- REDUCE COSTS PLN Electricity,
- That is in KVAR.Bisa fell between 10% -30%
- Lower motor load amperage
- Make kosphi 0.99
- Removing the power that is in the motor induktive
- Keeps the motor cool and stable.

Brands are Nokian

Panel Automatic / Manual Synchronizing

LVMDP Panel Listrik

Panel Automatic / Manual Synchronizing

In general, the function of synchronizing panel is
the process of merging two or more sources of power.
to obtain a larger power source.
Synchroun do the Genset to Genset,
Genset with PLN or synchroun at medium voltage.
when 2 or more generator sets running together for
supplying an electrical system, the generator must
disinchronkan manual or automatic so
has a phase, voltage and frequency and the same

Electrical Panel Box

hemat-listrik-hotel-megah-bungur-300x225.jpg (300×225)

Electrical Panel Box.
Many electrical panel box made ​​people to safety and tidiness of a Power plant. But few people understand the function of the electrical panel box. This is evident from the observations at the time of installation / UPS. Box looks complicated and invisible path.
With careful planning and a high accuracy electrical box is expected to be simple and easy to understand. If there needs to be simple drawings.
If at any time there are additional electrical installations, such as the installation of the UPS with power. Will easily create a path from an existing panel box. UPS with a large capacity is usually more than 6 KVA, requires a way of securing the bypass line by making the use of MCB or MCCB. If there is damage to the UPS or other electrical installations easily addressed / fixed. In this way it is easy to uninstall bypass UPS or others, while the electricity is working.
How to bypass the installation image that is widely used and secure? For that follow the subsequent review.
Before knowing the heart of the matter, to understand the function of this part of the electrical parts.
Electrical parts are:
1. MCB
4. grounding
5. cable colors
6. CT
7. Surge Arrest

functions and components of electrical panels

Electrical Panel - Electrical switchboard or so we are familiar with electrical panel formed by the arrangement of electrical components that deliberately structured in a board control, so as to facilitate its use.

Tuk more familiar with the function of the electrical panel we telebih formerly known electrical panel components, and must understand the functioning of the electricity itself-this part
Here are a few electrical panel components and their functions you need to know

MCB, which stands for (Miniature Circuit Board) is a component of the electrical panel switch current limiting function as a result of the increase in power / voltage that exceeds the limit and or short circuit. Electrical panel components are usually limited to a small nominal currents up with less than 100 amperes. The shape is there that one pole (one input and one output), there is a two-pole, three-pole and four pole.

MCCB, MCCB Moulded Case Circuit stands Breaker. Circuit Breaker when there is current limiting load current that exceeds the limits. MCCB is used almost equally with the MCB but with load current limit that is greater than 100 amperes to 1600 amperes with.

GFCI / RCCB / ELCB, Ground Foult Circuit Interruption Circuit Breaker is a kind of reply to react faster than the MCB. Electrical panel components will monitor electricity more detail and if there is a wiring short or chipped and the man, does not lead to death.

Grounding, Grounding on the installation and electrical panel components function as electrical safety. Electrical safety consequences of the cables that body part was chipped and the electronic equipment or electrical equipment that later on people. By the component electrical panel is the flow of electric current that wild or that do not work will be grounded

Cable colors. Color wires fixed electrical installations in various countries. Tuk Indonesia, electrical cable color is determined by standard ISO or IEC standatd:
a. red, yellow, black works for phase
b. light blue (ocean blue) serves to neutral
c. yellow-green color serves to ground

CT, CT is a component of the electrical panel steel / metal in the form of a circle (ring) or square ring and middle perforated. The function of this electrical panel components, namely a lowering of current and voltage on the box or pane

Panel capasitor distribusi

Distribution panel is the panel divider electric current, in which there NFB [No Fuse Breaker] key, NFB divider., MCB andcapacitor.
function capacitor it self is to save the use of electricity costs,typically found in many plant 2This picture homemade capacitor panels, i can assemble wide range of distribution panelscontroller panels 3 phase motor circuit (star deltaalternating etc.)

Star - Delta

Star - delta is the circuit to run the electric motor, which at the time of star using a hub. star (star) and moments later turned into a delta (triangle). The goal is to reduce the current high star andavoid high power consumption when the initial starting of a motor.Delta has a low impedance circuit is draining the first time on the run. Remember the power is in use when starting the beginning ofadl. 3x of the normal starting time. For that series star in use.Substitution series of star to delta in doing a few seconds afterruning normal. Star delta connection found on the current ACthree phase star connection (Y), namely the connection of the ends emergency conductor (coil) of each phase meet at one point in that a neutral, common star connection in use on the motor if it requires less current star because each coil gets highvoltage line to neutral (220v). Delta connection that is, when each end konduktorphasa meet each other at a point (rs, st, tr) is the third conductor to form a triangle.

Right away, here is a picture of the control circuit and power circuitstar-delta motor starter for AC induction motor three-phase. PB is a component ON NO push-button used to turn on the circuit, whilePB1 is a component of NC push-button used to turn off the circuit.

When PB-ON is pressedthen K1T1and K3 will be ONK1-NOcontact function sebagaipengunci so K1T1and K3 will remainON even though the PB-ON has been removedAt this time the motor running with STAR configuration.

Furthermore, the T1 will count up timer count value reaches the targetWhen T1 reaches the target T1-NO output contact will be ONThusK3 K2 will be OFF and ONand the motor running with the configuration of DELTA.

Contact K2-K3-NC and NC function as interlock which ensuresthat the star contactor and delta contactor active in turn.

The duration of practical on-delay timer approximately between 3-5 secondsBut To be more preciseyou can find out moreabout the series of Star-Delta, because there are still manydetails that are not discussed in this paper that only give an example circuit and it works just a little bit of principle.

ATS (automatic transfer swicth)

                                        electrical power failure ....?????? genset runs with automatic

          ATS is the Automatic Transfer Switch that serves to moveresources from one program to the appropriate commands areexecuted automatically. ATS will automatically move the handle to the position of PLN electricity generators at padamse, so thegenerator can replace the role of PLN to supply electricity for thepowersource of the building / location. Furthermore, if the PLNreturned to normal, the ATS will automatically move the functionfrom source to source PLN generators and generator back willdie by itself, is not easy so we no need to bother to bother. turn on the generator, ATS panel will automatically activate the generatorand the generator will automatically pass through theposision
         ATS charge transfer from the previous connection connectedwithPLN transferred automatically to the side generatorso theelectricity can be connected to the user side.

         If you then return to normal PLN, the ATS task to restore its pathby moving the switch back to the primary side and then followedwithAMF duty to dismiss the diesel engine work, and so on all the control systems are controlled automatically run by itself.